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Has Your Freelander done 72,000 miles or more?

Has Your Rover / MG done 60,000 miles or more?

Do You Want to make sure it does another 60,000 / 72,000 miles?

We Can Help!

Don’t take the chance of your timing belt snapping – if this happens you are likely to do serious, and possibly irreparable engine damage, which would cost thousands to fix!

Our Freelander / Rover / MG 2.0 & 2.5 K V6 Petrol timing belt & water pump replacement is just

£795 incl. VAT

Get your timing belt replaced in a timely manner – Land Rover’s recommendation is every 72,000 miles, Rover / MG recommendation is every 60,000 miles or every 6 years, whichever is sooner.

What is included in your Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement?

The timing belt (cam belt) controls the timing of your engine’s valves.

Your timing belt replacement includes the fitting of a full timing belt kit – all three timing belts, tensioner and idler.

Also included is the fitting of a new water pump.

Since we specialise in these engines who better to ensure that your timing belt is timed up perfectly? We have the specialist equipment and knowledge for the job.

Where are you?

We are based in Norfolk, postcode IP26 4RH.

If you don’t have a lift home after dropping your car with us, and are looking to use public transport, we can drop you / pick you up at the railway station – our closest is Brandon, however if you are coming through London there is a direct train line from Downham Market which is not too far either. If Thetford is more convenient for you this is also possible.

We are rather in the middle of nowhere, but if you do need to wait for your car there are some pleasant walks in the area.

How long will it take?

To replace your timing belt & water pump generally takes less than 5 hours.

How can I pay for my timing belt & water pump replacement?

The painful bit I know! But we like to give you as much choice as possible, so we accept:

  • Cash on collection (always nice!)
  • All Major Credit Cards (including AMEX) – over the phone or on collection
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cheques – provided they clear before delivery or collection

What if something goes wrong?

We don’t like things going wrong, and you certainly wouldn’t! Quality is important to us, but in the event that something does go wrong you have our

12 month, unlimited mileage warranty.

Our warranty covers you for parts and labour in the event of any failure of a component due to unforseen circumstances. Just bring your car back to us and we will sort it out.

Give us a call on

0780 9575 421

to discuss your needs.

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